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At Baywest Nissan, we pride ourselves on customer service. Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible vehicles and related services. We conduct our business with a personal and ethical approach, in an atmosphere of respect for all our customers and employees. Our success is dependent on meeting and exceeding your expectations each and every day. We invite you to visit Baywest Nissan and experience a better way to buy a vehicle.

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2023 – Baywest Nissan at Hockey Fights Cancer Game

With another year down, Baywest Nissan is a proud supporter of the Hockey fights Cancer Event that is held in Owen Sound every year. Not only is it a super fun event, but it all goes towards a great cause. We are so proud of our staff for attending and even prouder of our community that comes together to show how powerful Owen Sound can be! GO ATTACK GO!!

2023 – Revolution fair at Cobble Beach

This year, we had the opportunity to participate in the All-New rEVolution fair. This fair strives to push the ever expanding EV development and products of the future. We sent out two of our product specialist to inform the public as what new is coming in the EV department from Nissan Canada.

We plan on attending this event next year, however, you can always come in and ask our team some question to see why a Nissan EV vehicle is for you!

2023 – Annual Hoops for Hope Sales Event

Every year we bring down the old basketball hoop and host an event for charity to support those in need. We do lots on fun activities and it all goes to a good cause, if you’re a current customer, be ready for next years!

This is not the only sales event we have throughout the years, however, it is the one event that reoccurs.